Peregrine Team Update: 01 March 2004

Peregrine Team Update: 01 March 2004


Peter Wambua Isaiya Ndei Julius Muthoka

Area Covered

This month we patrolled the adjacent farms along the Athi river and upstream of the Mtito river.


Wild animals are on the increase in these areas which is a very good sign. Unfortunately within the community the wildlife has damaged a number of crops on the small farms, but so far the communities have not been in any danger themselves from the wildlife. The larger farmers have become less tolerant of snares and are now beginning to remove snares on their own. This time of the year the snaring level in these areas are very low as the majority of the community members are busy farming. The team has been spending the morning hours looking after the trees planted next to the Trust house as well as caring for the seedlings and the vegetable garden. We have had several sports competitions organized in the community, which they enjoy very much. Conservation is the order of the day though and at the end of the competitions a few words were said about the importance of wildlife.

Report by Peter Wambua