SWT/KWS Shompole De-Snaring Report for March 2024

Published on the 15th of April, 2024

The Shompole Team is currently operating in the Galana Wildlife Conservancy, which abuts Tsavo East National Park on its eastern boundary.

The Galana Conservancy and Kulala Ranch, to the south, comprise an area of 1.8 million acres. This is an arid region, with varied terrain, including rocky hills, seasonal water courses and thickly vegetated scrub. Illegal activities encountered here include snaring for the bushmeat trade, charcoal harvesting and illegal livestock encroachment. The SWT began operations in the conservancy in late 2020, since when it has deployed multiple teams to enhance the security of this area, which was being hard hit by poaching and charcoal burning activities. This report provides an overview of the activity of all our De-Snaring Teams in March 2024, with a more detailed description of the Shompole Team's operational activities in the period.

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