Nyati Team Tiva Update: 01 May 2005

Nyati Team Tiva Update: 01 May 2005


David Njoroge Philip Korir Adan Abdi Samuel Lolkulochi Julius Mumo Ekai Patrick KWS rangers: Peter Eanai and David Mutie

Areas Covered

The areas patrolled during this month were Tundai, Tiva, Macho Kombo, the Tharakana airstrip and the general surrounding area, Shimo la Shetani, the Tsavo safaricamp areas and along the Athi river towards Gazi.



The team was based at Ithumba for the first three days of the month. While there, we checked the main gate boundary and the surrounding areas. There was little evidence of human activity in the area, however snares were found and recovered and one poacher was seen who unfortunately managed to escape. At both Tiva and Shimo la Shetani no snares were seen or lifted. However at Macho Kombo we found snares that targeted medium sized animals, we also found evidence of human activity in the area. The team then moved to the Tharakana airstrip and its surrounding environs. Here with the help of the two KWS rangers, travelling with us, were able to arrest two poachers who were caught in the act of setting snares.

One of the poachers managed to escape, and the second was shot dead by a ranger in self defense as the poacher attacked him with a panga in an attempt to cut him. At the end of our operations we arrested another poacher, this time in the Tundani area. He was found in possession of a dead Dikdik, 58 snares, 2kg of honey, a panga and some bedding materials.
During the course of our operations a total of 198 snares were lifted, 2 poachers were arrested, and one poacher shot dead. Unfortunately it is very evident that poaching is till rampant in the Gazi area. The pressure against poaching and poachers continues to be exerted, although the poor, rough and inaccessible roads that we come across, in and around Gazi, hinder our operations. We are continually being forced to stop and clear the roads, or engage 4WD, so that we may gain access to the rougher and deeper parts of the park

Report by David Njoroge