Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 July 2008

Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 July 2008


Henry Lekochere – team leader John Mungai Abdi Adan Boru Okicha Gerald Maghanga Sylvester Matheka 2 KWS Rangers

Area of operation:

During the month of July, the Ziwani team covered the following areas: Ziwani, Maktau, Murka, Tsavo River and Kishushe ranch


FINDINGS During the months operations the team lifted a total of 144 snares. Ninety six of the snares targeted large game, with 48 snares targeting small game.

The tem was able to arrest a poacher who was in the process of setting snares. During our patrols we also came across the carcasses of an elephant, a lion, and a Kongoni and an eland at Maktau and Murka respectively.

Observable evidence: This month recorded an increase in the number of snares lifted. This can be due to the fact that the poachers were able to set their snares during the month of June when the Ziwani desnaring team was on their one month annual leave. Prolonged drought and little or no rainfall in the areas around the park has also contributed to the increase in poaching in the area.

Ziwani At the beginning of the month, on the 5th of June, for the period of a day, the team was joined by three representatives from WSPA, who fund the Ziwani desnaring team.

The team, together with the visitors patrolled the Ziwani park boundary and were able to lift 5 active large snares.
They also saw a variety of wildlife and were able to get a greater understanding and appreciation of the work that we do.

Maktau During our patrols in this area the team lifted 113 snares, 87 of which targeted large game and 26 targeted small game. The team also arrested a poacher who was in the process of setting several of his snares in the area.

The culprit was booked at Taveta police station. We also came across the carcass of an Eland and a Kongoni.

Murka Cattle incursion into the park is a big problem in the area with herds of cattle being driven out of the park.

Unfortunately the team also came across the carcasses of an elephant and a lion which we suspect had been killed by the Maasai Moran who are against the erection of the electric fence from Lake Jipe to Rombo.

Tsavo River For a period of four days, the team thoroughly patrolled all the dry river beds in the area as well as along the Tsavo River. Footprints from two poachers were seen and followed. We lost the footprints once the poachers crossed over to the other side of the river.

Kishushe A total of 26 snares were lifted all of which targeted small game. Most of the snares recovered were found near the mining site.

During our operations the team was joined by the Burra team in order to carry out a joint operation. Together we patrolled the ranch for a period of two days during which time we were able to lift another 4 snares targeting small game.

Community work The team organized two ecological trips to Tsavo West National Park. The schools that benefited from the field trips were Jipe primary school and Kishushe primary school, which had benefited from another trip in February.

Both of the field trips were successful and the students were happy to visit some of the parks main attractions such as Shetani Lava, and Chaimu hills.
During the trip the students saw herds of elephants, giraffes, buffalos, elands, zebras, impalas and oryx.
Both schools hope to benefit from another field trip in the future.

In addition to the field trips the team also donated a variety of sports equipment to Kishushe primary school and Ziwani primary school.

Both of the schools communities were extremely appreciative of the donation as the sports kits are desperately.

Report by Henry Lekochere