Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 March 2005

Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 March 2005


Patrick Mutuku John Mungai Henry Lekochere Julius Mtamu Julius Kyalo Gerald Maghanga 2 KWS rangers

Area Covered

Our areas of patrol this month were Ziwani, Ziwani farm, the Railway line from Maktau to Salaita, Makatu area, Kishushe Sanctuary, Oza and Lumo ranches and Salt lick.

Total of 234 snares collected


Our target area this month was the railway line from Makatu trading center to the Salaita area. In the areas surrounding the railway we came across rolls/bundles of wire which had been hidden inside bushes. At Murka we lifted 50 snares which had been set for big game, and we came across the remains of a giraffe in a tree.

Poachers are very aware of our presence and are moving to the ranches and sanctuaries. At the Kishushe and Oza ranches we received a tip from informers that there were two poachers operating in the Mukuru are. Unluckily they escaped. All the same we were able to lift their snares. Unfortunately we found a dead dikdik in a fence line which had recently been erected.
On the 16th of March 2005 we attended a security meeting at (Kamboyo) in the Tsavo West National Park headquarters. The issue of the bush meat crisis was discussed at length. The way forward for containing the menace was stated as: • The KWS should do a community appraisal and look at their need as the poachers come from communities neighboring the park. • Vigorous community awareness campaigns need to be undertaken by both KWS and donor agencies • Increased presence and patrols by security personnel in the most affected areas. This can only be achieved through dedication, commitment and sacrifice by everyone involved. Over the easer holiday, the 26th and 28th of March, we conducted a very serious and through clean up of the highway from Mtito-Andei town to Voi. Three de-snaring teams came together with the KWS recruits from the Manyani training school. We collected and disposed of used tyres by burning them which unfortunately emits thick and toxic smog which leads to ozone depletion and global warming. A better way of disposal has to be found.
All the same we gave our beloved animals a nice present this Easter; as the tyres are a cheap source of snaring materials for the poachers.

Report by Patrick Mutuku