Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 September 2007

Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 September 2007


De – Snaring Report for September 2007


Henry Lekochere –team leader John Mungai Abdi Adan Boru Okicha Gerald Maghanga 2 KWS rangers

Area Covered

During the course of the month we carried out patrols at Msonrongo, Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Oza Ranch, and Muraka & Salaita.



During patrols in Msorongo area the team lifted 6 snares targeting small game.

The team also came across blood and remains of slaughtered Dikdik’s that had been captured by poachers during the night.
There were also charcoal burning activities in this area.

At Taita Hills poaching is still consistent. A total of 48 snares were lifted (33 targeting big game and 15 targeting medium game).

The Taita Hill Sanctuary has attracted a lot of game due to availability of water and food resources. A large part of southern Tsavo West National Park has burned down recently which is also why allot of wildlife has migrated to Taita Hills. The poachers have placed most of the snares on animal paths leading to water sources.

At Oza ranch no poaching activities were seen. This area is occupied by livestock keepers who destroy any snares in an effort to protect their cattle for being snared.

In the Ziwani area the team patrolled Muraka & Salaita park boundaries. A total of 5 snares were lifted. The major problem in these areas is the thousands of Maasai cattle that are led to graze within the National Park which causes conflict between wildlife and humans.

The team donated 50 desks to the Makatau Primary School. The teachers, student and school committee were thrilled to receive this contribution. The team has done previous community work with this school and taken the student on environmental education trips.

Report by Henry Lekochere