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Wild herd that wen with Mbirikani and Ajali

Ajali browsing

Ajali, Tahri and Nguvu look on

Ajali peering over the bushes

Ajali pushing Nelion out of the shade

Ajali browsing

Ajali rushing to get home in the evening

Rorogoi left, Suswa and Ajali

Ajali heading off to browse on his own

Ajali standing on a rock while browsing

Ajali reaching up for browse


Ajali left and Ishaq-B

Ajali browsing over the fence

Ajali private browsing

Ajali rubbing his back

Kenia follows Ajali and Embu

Ajali walking to the mud bath

Ajali coming to get Tahri

Ajali browsing

Ajali after mudbath

Ajali and Nguvu welcome the wild Bull

Mashariki and Ajali find a quiet browsing spot

Ajali and others coming down Msinga Hill

Ajali after the mudbath

Ajali on Msinga Hill

Ajali and Nguvu browsing together

Tundani and Ajali in deep communication

Ajali charging

Ajali with the wild herd

Ajali on Msinga Hill

Wild herd that Ajali spent time with

Ajali after mudbath

Ajali at mud bath

Rorogoi and Ajali

Ajali browsing

Ajali maneuvering himself on the slippery rocks

Ajali and Aruba wall games

Ajali hoping to join Lempaute in browsing

Ajali close to Mashariki

Ajali welcomes Pasaka to feed on the cubes

Ajali and Pasaka at the stockades

Tundani and Ajali tusking it up

Ajali eyeing the wild calf

Ajali and Pasaka at mudbath

Embu admiring Ajali's bathing games

Ajali's scratches whilst Nguvu watches on

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