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Ajali's scratches whilst Nguvu watches on

Ajali having a scratch

Rorogoi lft & Ajali


Ajali & Nguvu taking refuge in browsing



Ndoria testing Ajali's strength

Ajali finds a spot on Msinga Hill

Ajali and Nelion enjoying each others company

Ajali a bit shy to join everyone

Ajali accompanies Bada in browsing

Ajali weary for the puff adder

Ishaq-B and Ajali wrestle

Ajali browsing

Ajali with the others

Ajali scratching on the rocks

Suswa and Ajali browse in the rain

Tundani and Ajali strength testing games

Ajali at the mud-bath

Rorogoi charges at Suswa and Ajali scaring them

Ajali and Embu having a private browsing moment

Ajali in no hurry to join the rest

Aruba waiting for Ajali

Tundani blocking Ajali

Inca moving to greet Ajali

Tundani and Ajali strength games

Ajali is welcomed by the wild herd

Ajali and Mbirikani

Ajali browsing

Ajali following the others

Nelion is sent to fetch Ajali

Rorogoi pushing Ajali on his first day

Mudanda quiet browsing with Ajali

Ajali following Rorogoi to join the others

Kenia testing Ajali's strength

Ajali arrives at Voi stockade

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