Chaimu's latest photos

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Chaimu running in the water

Chaimu and Kibo in a pushing game

Chaimu playing in the water



Chaimu near a mudbath

Chaimu on the way to the mudbath

Chaimu in a charging mood

Chaimu in charging mode

Wendi and Chaimu


Ithumbah and Chaimu after a mudbath


Tumaren and Chaimu

Naisula and Chaimu

Chaimu at the mudbath

Chaimu coming out of the mudbath

Chaimu charging

Chaimu playing

Chaimu & Kandecha


Chaimu and Galana

Sunyei shares a word with Chaimu

Melia and Chaimu

Chaimu plays in some water

Chaimu browsing

Madiba with Chaimu and Ithumbah

Chaimu and Ithumbah

Chaimu flapping her ears

Chaimu browsing

Chaimu and Sabachi taking water

Chaimu and the other orphans browsing

Melia, Chaimu and Tumaren

Chaimu scratching while browsing

Chaimu leading

Chaimu & Tumaren enjoying a cooling mud bath

Sabachi, Chaimu, Tumaren, Suguta & Melia

Chaimu and Ithumbah

Chaimu, Tumaren, Suguta & Melia taking water

Chaimu and Melia with some of the other orphans

Chaimu browsing

Chaimu at the mudbath

Chaimu playing watched by Kilaguni

Chaimu, Suguta, Sumaren & Melia taking water

Sabachi & Chaimu browsing

Chaimu having a drink of water

Chaimu after the mudbath

Chaimu scratching

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