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Dololo standing near the stockades

Roi comforting Dololo

Mapia trying to climb on Dololo

Roi and Dololo at the stockade compound

Dololo playing with Olsekki

Dololo playing

Dololo after exiting the stockade

Dololo stepping on Kuishi

Dololo surrounded by his nannies

Turkwel, Dololo and Suguta

Roi with Dololo

Karisa with Dololo

Mapia and Dololo

Dololo and Jotto

Mapia playing with Dololo

Roi and Dololo

Dololo playing with Galla

Dololo with Mutara

Dololo browsing with Sities

Dololo playing

Mapia and Dololo

Roi, Dololo and Turkwel

Roi with Dololo

Namalok and Dololo sparring

Sities and Dololo

Suguta and Dololo

Dololo and Suguta

Dololo, Kuishi and Malkia

Dololo communicating with Karisa

Sities and Dololo browsing

Turkwel following Dololo

Roi and Dololo

Suguta, Dololo and Malkia

Sities and Dololo

Sities hugging Dololo

Dololo and Maramoja

Dololo with Loijuk group

Turkwel and Dololo

Sities and Dololo

Dololo and Sities

Turkwel playing with Dololo

Dololo greeting Sana Sana

Dololo, Turkwel, Suguta and Sities

Dololo dust bathing

Karisa, Dololo and Sattao

Dololo and Musiara having a trunk hug

Musiara and Dololo

Enkesha and Dololo playing in the forest

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