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Dololo trying to peel bark

Dololo and Sattao enjoying mud bath

Dololo and Mukkoka playing

Kiasa trying to smell Dololo's mouth

Sattao climbing on Dololo's back

Dololo, Tagwa, Nabulu and Musiara all mud bathing

Maktao, Nabulu and Dololo walking in a line

Dololo climbing on Tamiyoi's back in the forest

Dololo, Nabulu and Maisha out in the forest

Sattao and Dololo mud bathing

Dololo browsing in the field

Musiara and Dololo holding trunks

Dololo out in the forest

Dololo being playful on the plains

Dololo having a scratch

Sweet Dololo

Dololo browsing with Roho near him, and Musiara

Dololo and Mukkoka wrestling

Dololo and Tamiyoi joining in on the mud bath

Dololo playing in a ravene of mud

Ebu and Dololo

Dololo, Enkesha, Roho and Tagwa in the forest

Dololo pulling some grass

Dololo rolling around in the forest


Dololo, Roho and Enkesha

Dololo and Ziwadi behind

Dololo, Kiombo and Musiara


Dololo, Roho and Enkesha

Dololo and Mukkoka walking together

Dololo and Mukkoka walking in the forest

Larro, Dololo and Kiombo eating grass

Kiasa and Dololo browsing

Dololo with his ears up browsing

A close up of Dololo drinking

Dololo eating some branches

Dololo down at the mud bath

Dololo having a drink of water

Dololo and Tagwa at the milk feeding point

Dololo out in the forest

Dololo and Maktao browsing

Maisha and Dololo browsing

Dololo enjoying his milk

Dololo at the milk feeding point

Dololo, Mukkoka and Larro walking in the field

Dololo looking at something in the field

Dololo drinking his milk

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