Faraja's latest photos

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Faraja selecting soft leaves

Zongoloni with Faraja

Ngasha and Faraja pushing each other

Jasiri pushed down Faraja to his bottom

Faraja smelling some wild elephants

Playful Faraja sitting on the ground

Faraja scratching his neck on the loading bay

Zongoloni standing by the side as Faraja sleeps

Faraja picking soft acacia leaves

Faraja spending time with the keepers

Jasiri in a pushing game with Faraja

Faraja and Jasiri testing their strength

Jasiri and Faraja having fun at the dry mud bath

Jasiri and Faraja pushing each other

Faraja walking with Murera to the bottles

Faraja drinking his share of milk

Naughty boys Faraja and Ngasha

Faraja dusting his head

Faraja scratching off his insects

Murera disciplining Faraja

Faraja eating some soft branches

Faraja scaring the crane birds

Ngasha talking to Faraja

Faraja finishing his last drop of milk

Faraja and Ngasha enjoying their pushing game

Lima Lima behind Faraja looking for soft grass

Faraja drying his body on the grass

Faraja rolling in the mud

Sonje watching Faraja on the ground

Lima Lima and Faraja enjoying the mud

Lima Lima trying to climb on Faraja

Faraja and Jasiri on patrol

Ngasha and Faraja fighting over salt

Faraja choosing to dust on the road after rain

Faraja holding his bottle like Zongoloni does

Naughty boy Faraja climbing on Zongoloni

Zongoloni leading Faraja

Faraja running to catch up with the others

Funny Faraja playing his games

Jasiri and Faraja testing their strength

Faraja going to climb on Ngasha

Lima Lima going to play after Faraja

Faraja not interested in wallowing

Ngasha strength testing with Faraja

Faraja selecting soft green gras

Faraja running away with Lucerne

Faraja looking for green leaves

Faraja leaving the waterhole

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