Faraja's latest photos

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Faraja surrounded by water

Faraja on the left having a drink with Ngasha

Zongoloni on the left with Faraja

Faraja standing in the shade

Jasiri on the right, Faraja on the left

Faraja puts the whole bottle into his mouth

Faraja leaving the waterhole

Faraja seeking refuge from the sun

Faraja feeding on a branch

Faraja near a fallen tree

Faraja at the waterhole

Faraja picking leaves

Jasiri and Faraja after the noon milk feed

Faraja and Ziwa strength testing

Lima Lima and Faraja

Faraja browsing

Jasiri and Faraja

Faraja and Ngasha playing at the mudbath

Faraja browsing

Faraja and Ziwa

Faraja filling his mouth with fresh greens

Faraja having a drink at the broken pipeline

Faraja having a lovely time at the dustbath

Faraja finds succulent branches

Faraja at the dusting mound

Jasiri pushing Faraja to leave

Faraja cools down

Faraja throwing dust on his head

Ngasha and Faraja share a quiet browsing moment

Faraja mounting on Ziwa

Ngasha and Faraja scratching their bottoms

Faraja waiting for his keepers

Murera and Faraja walking back from the hills

Faraja enjoying soft greens

Faraja and Ngasha walking back to the forest

Faraja in the forest

Faraja follows jasiri to the hills

Limalima pushing Faraja to move from the waterhol

Limalima and Faraja at the water trough

Faraja looking for Jasiri

Faraja picking branches

Faraja in the shade

Faraja feeling sleepy

Faraja browsing

Faraja browsing

Faraja trying to reach for a sweet branch

Faraja enjoys the soft green grass

Faraja picking green soft leaves

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