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Kenze & Kasigau


Kasigau with Ambo

Mutara and Kasigau visit the stockade

Kasigau and Kenze

Barsilinga playing with Kasigau

Mutara and Kasigau

Kasigau browsing.

Kasigau enjoying Lucerne

Sities, Kilaguni and Kasigau


Kasigau and Kanjoro wallowing

Kibo playfighting with Kasigau

Kilaguni and Kasigau in the water


Kasigau with a wild elephant

Turkwell, Kasigau and Sities

Kasigau and Boromoko entwine trunks

Kilaguni engages Kasigau

Meibai playing with Kasigau

Kasigau playing with Orwa

Kasigau playing and lying down

Kasigau and Kauro

Kasigau and Kilaguni

Wild Bull with Kasigau

Kasigau playing with Orwa

Makireti, Kasigau and Kilabasi arriving

Kasigau with Bomani

Kasigau playing with Orwa

Kasigau having some lucerne

Teleki playing with Kasigau

Lemoyian extends his trunk to Kasigau

Orwa plays with Kasigau

Kasigau and Kilaguni

Narok and Kasigau consoling Kithaka

Kasigau and Makireti browsing together

Kasigau and Chemi Chemi

Teleki pushing Kasigau

Kasigau patting Narok

Kasigau arriving

Kasigau plays with Ololoo

Kasigau diciplining Bomani

Orwa plays with Kasigau

Kasigau and Kilabasi running

Kasigau welcoming Tomboi

Kasigau and Orwa

Kilabasi, Kasigau, Kilaguni & Makireti

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