Larro's Latest Photos

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Larro running to her Keepers

Larro getting her milk from her Keeper

Tamiyoi, Sattao, Kiasa and Larro browsing

Larro enjoying a branch in the field

Larro running to the mud bath

Kiasa nuzzling Larro

Maisha and Larro

Larro having her milk

Larro holding up a branch

Larro following Kiasa

Larro, Kiombo, Dololo, Kiasa and Nabulu

Larro playing in mud

Tamiyoi with Larro behind

Larro in the mud


Larro with Enkesha

Kiombo and Larro

Maktao and Larro browse next to each other

Larro and Kiasa browsing together

Larro trying to reach the higher branches

Enkesha browsing with Larro

Larro staying close to Maisha

Enkesha Dololo and Larro browsing

Larro and Tamiyoi together in the forest

Larro Kiombo and Maisha with their Keeper looking on

Larro with Maisha in the forest

Larro using her trunk to pluck grass


Larro browsing

Larro Kiomba and Maisha together in the forest

Maisha and Larro in the field.

Kuishi browsing near Larro.

Maisha browsing with Larro behind her.

Larro standing close to Malima.

Maktao, Enkesha, Maisha, and Larro running to get their milk.

Larro out in the field with some of her friends

Larro snuggling up to Malima.

Larro running down to 11am feed

Larro with her Keeper

Sagala Larro Malima and Jotto play on the dust mou

Sagala and Larro coming out of the forest together

Larro and Sagala leave the mud bath together

Larro browsing with Sagala

Sagala and Larro browsing

Mapia with Larro in the forest

Maisha followed by Larro

Larro at the 9am feed

Musiara, Malima and Larro next to each other

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