Larro's latest photos

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Larro and Roho at the mud bath

Larro, Maisha and Roho out in the forest

Larro, Olorien and Ziwadi in the park

Naboishu and Larro browsing in the Park

Larro leading the Nursery herd

Larro, Maisha, Roho and Naboishu playing

Larro, Maisha, Esoit, Roho and Kiasa browsing

Larro watching over Bondeni

Larro and Bondeni being playful

Larro and Nabulu drinking

Kindani, Bondeni, Olorien and Larro playing

Naleku, Larro and Naboishu drinking

Rama and Larro at the edge of the mud bath

Larro and Naboishu stealing each other's greens

Larro, Kiasa and Naboishu being playful

Kinyei, Bondeni, Larro and Nabulu

Larro and Roho playing together

Nabulu, Olorien and Larro

Kindani and Larro resting near each other

Naboishu, Larro and Mukkoka

Kiasa and Larro wreslting out in the forest

Nabulu, Larro and Mukkoka being playful

Nabulu, Kiasa and Larro browsing together

Larro, Maktao and Kiasa

Larro and Naboishu having fun at the dust bath

Larro and Naboishu playing

Larro and Naleku having fun in the water

Kindani, Bondeni and Larro in the forest

Larro, Kinyei and Bondeni in the forest

Larro and Kiasa out in the forest

Maisha, Kindani, Bondeni and Larro

Kiasa, Kindani, Bondeni, Maisha and Larro browsing

Larro browsing

Maisha, Larro, Maktao, Kiasa and Nabulu wallowing

Larro watching over Bondeni

Larro looking over Bondeni

Larro, Maisha and Kiasa

Larro smelling the ground

Larro, Roho, Nabulu and Kiasa browsing together

Larro watching over Bondeni

Larro, Kiasa and Naleku

Roho drinking and Larro smelling for more milk

Kiasa with Larro and Olorien

Larro and Nabulu browsing

Larro and Nabulu browsing in the plains

Larro in the forest

Larro looking after Kinyei and the others

Larro and Bondeni out in the forest

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