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Murit watching Lasayen and others playing

Godoma and Lasayen strength testing

Lasayen playing

Lasayen scratching

Lasayen and Godoma

Godoma playing with Lasayen

Murit following Lasayen

Lasayen charging around

Murit playing with Lasayen

Lasayen, Godoma and Mbegu

Lasayen Godoma and Ndotto playing on earth piles

Lasayen and friends playing in the trench

Lasayen running in the water

Lasayen enjoying browsing

Tahri with Lasayen

Noone joined Lasayen with his games

Lasayen inviting Ndotto to play

Murit and Lasayen pushing games

Lasayen on the move

Lasayen playing at mudbath

Murit, Lasayen and Ndotto mudbathing

Ngilai and Lasayen

Ngilai and Lasayen

Lasayen in a bushy area

Lasayen front with the others

Dabassa, Lasayen, Murit, Ngilai

Lasayen making her way over the rocks

Ngilai playing with Lasayen

Lasayen having fun at mudbath

Lasayen, Godoma and Ndotto

Lasayen playing with Murit

Lasayen browsing with Murit

Lasayen front playing

Ngilai closely following Lasayen

Lasayen having a drink of water

Lasayen kneeling to get to a small bush

Lasayen and Godoma enjoy scratching with Nelion

Lasayen and Murit strength testing

Lasayen investigating the contents of a hole

Lasayen at the edge of the mudbath

Ngilai and Lasayen

Lasayen with Dabassa and Layoni

Lasayen left and Murit

Lasayen and Godoma playing

Lasayen in the lead

Lasayen playing with Ndotto

Ndotto requesting a pushing game from Lasayen

Lasayen moving away from the wild elephants

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