Lasayen's latest photos

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Murit and Lasayen messing around

Lasayen coming to meet Ndotto

Lasayen and Ndotto wrestling with Mbegu watching

Lasayen playing with Ndotto

Murit, left, coming to interrupt Ndotto & Lasayen

Lasayen in front leading the others

Lasayen standing on a rock to chase baboons

Lasayen kneeling & wrestling with Murit

Ndotto engaging Lasayen whilst sitting down

Murit and Ndotto both wanting to climb on Lasayen

Lasayen and Murit

Lasayen looking for his friends

Murit and Lasayen playing

Lasayen at the mud-bath

Lasayen sniffing wild Elephants in the distance

Lasayen and Ndotto playing

Lasayen Godoma and Mbegu

Murit and Lasayen strength games

Lasayen ready for early morning activities

Mbegu and Lasayen scared by the water truck

Lasayen,left, and Ndotto with a keeper

Lasayen talking with Mbegu

Lasayen and Ndotto

Lasayen playing on the ground

Lasayen milk feeding

Lasayen browsing

A very alert Lasayen

Lasayen and Ndotto running to join the others

Mbegu, Lasayen and Ndotto

Lasayen browsing with Tamiyoi

Lasayen browsing and Murit in front

Lasayen out eating grass

Murit after pushing games with Lasayen

Lasayen with his Keeper

Lasayen and Malima eager to start browsing

Lasayen with Tamiyoi

Lasayen finds some nice green grass to browse on

Tagwa and Lasayen

Lasayen going to soil dust

Lasayen out in the bush

Lasayen and Murit playing

Lasayen in a playful mood

Lasayen browsing

Lasayen looking all grown up

Lasayen browsing with Ndotto

Godoma with Lasayen

Lasayen at mudbath

Lasayen browsing

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