Maktao's latest photos

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Maktao seeing Kapei's big branch

Maktao resting on the dust pile

Maktao and Kiombo browsing together

Maktao disturbing Kapei and trying to climb on him

Kiombo and Maktao sharing a hug

Kiombo and Maktao browsing

Kiombo and Maktao huddling Kapei

Kiombo playing with Maktao

Kiombo greeting Maktao

Maktao, Kiombo, and Mwashoti dust bathing

Maktao climbing on Kapei with Kiombo

Good friends Maktao and Kiombo

Kiombo on top of Maktao

Mwana watching Kiombo climb on Maktao


Mwashoti and Maktao sparring

Maktao and Mwashoti browsing together

Kiombo and Maktao wrestling

Maktao and Kapei browsing together

Kiombo and Maktao


Maktao browsing

Maktao browsing

Kapei trying to play with Maktao

Kiombo climbing on Maktao in the water

Maktao taking a breather from wrestling Kiombo

Maktao patrolling

Maktao and Kiombo wrestling

Maktao and Kiombo browsing together

Mwashoti, Kiombo and Maktao playing

Gentle Maktao leading the Umani herd

Sonje and Maktao borwsing

Maktao and Kiasa browsing

Kiombo and Maktao sparring

Amali and Maktao playing on the dust pile

Maktao and Kapei

Kiombo and Maktao


Kiasa and Maktao in the background


Maktao and Enkesha

Maktao and Kiombo

Maktao playing with a branch

Kiombo and Maktao sparring

Maktao greeting Ziwa


Maktao following Mwashoti

Maktao and Enkesha

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