Maktao's latest photos

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Maktao Kiombo and Enkesha

Enkesha following Maktao out of the Kibwezi Forest

Maktao scratching his belly

Kiasa and Maktao wallowing

Maktao wallowing with Mwashoti watching

Little Maktao at the water-trough

Kiasa and Maktao browsing with Quanza

Maktao finds a rock to scratch on

Muddy Quanza and Maktao

Maktao catching a wild scent

Maktao on top of the dust mound

Maktao reaches up to pluck a branch

Enkesha and Maktao getting ready to wallow

Maktao and Murera waiting for their friends

Quanza Kiombo and Maktao waiting for their bottles

Dusty Kiasa and Maktao playing

Maktao and Enkesha browsing together

Maktao and Kiombo at the water trough

Maktao at the front of the herd

Maktao after dusting

Maktao in the Kibwezi Forest

Enkesha playing pushing games with Maktao

Sonje sniffing Maktao's mouth

Maktao in the Kibwezi Forest

Kiasa and Maktao pushing games

Quanza and Maktao leaving the Springs

Maktao kicking up dust clouds

Maktao and Lima Lima browsing

Maktao and Enkesha at the water trough

Maktao browsing

Maktao playing with Enkesha

Maktao wades into the waterhole

Maktao and Enkesha side by side

Maktao in the bushes

Enkesha with Maktao and Kiasa

Maktao browsing

Maktao and Faraja at the water-trough

Kiombo Maktao and Enkesha huddled

Maktao and Mwashoti on Umani Hill

Enkesha smelling Maktao's mouth

Murera and Maktao stop to quench their thirst

Maktao searching for more lucerne pellets

Maktao chewing on a branch

Enkesha reached up for a branch as Maktao watches

Zongoloni hugs Maktao

Maktao digging for minerals

Maktao walking in front of the wild bull

Enkesha and Maktao friendly pushing game

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