Musiara's Latest Photos

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Musiara with his trunk up

Maktao, Musiara, and Kiasa greeting their Keeper

Musiara and Sattao enjoying a mud bath

Musiara out in the forest

Maktao and Musiara having a trunk hug

Musiara browsing with Luggard.

Tagwa, Sattao, and Musiara browsing

Musiara browsing on fresh grass

Maktao and Musiara with their Keeper

Musiara enjoying his mud bath

Tagwa, Sattao, and Musiara browsing

Musiara and Enkesha browsing

Musiara at the mud bath

Ndotto and Musiara scratching

Mukkoka, Maktao and Musiara all playing

Tamiyoi and Musiara having a dust bath

Maisha, Enkesha, and Musiara in the forest

Tamiyoi, Maisha, Enkesha and Musiara leading

Musiara sipping from the hose pipe

Larro between Maktao and Musiara

Maktao and Musiara wrestling

Maktao and Musiara playing together

Maisha, Luggard, and Musiara browsing

Musiara and Enkesha

Musiara suckling his trunk

Musiara smelling for more milk

Musiara leading the orphans

Musiara holding his trunk in his mouth

Kiombo and Musiara sucking on their trunks

Musiara and Kiombo browsing

Musiara out in the field



Musiara and Maktao

Musiara and Maisha

Dololo and Musiara

Musiara in the mud bath

Musiara and Maktao

Musiara happy to browse on his own today


Musiara messing around

Musiara having fun with his Keeper

Musiara waiting for 9am feed

Musiara with a mouthful of grass

Musiara browsing

Musiara sucking his trunk

Musiara enjoying the fresh, green grass.

Musiara sucking on his trunk after his bottle of milk.

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