Musiara's Latest Photos

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Musiara enjoying the fresh, green grass.

Musiara sucking on his trunk after his bottle of milk.

Musiara coming down to the field.

Musiara and Mapia browsing with the rest of the Nursery herd.

Mapia and Musiara making they way to 9am feed

Musiara joining his friends

Musiara and Kiombo with a Keeper

Musiara and Kiombo with a Keeper

Musiara heading to the forest

Musiara, Malima and Larro next to each other

Musiara splashing water in the bucket

Musiara dusting games

Musiara running down to mudbath

Musiara splashing water




Musiara, Tagwa and Dololo


Musiara, Tamiyoi and Maisha

Musiara, Maktao and Maisha


Tamiyoi with Musiara


Malima and Musiara browsing together

Musiara browsing with Mukkoka

Musiara took advantage of the sun

Musiara finds some tasty leaves

Musiara with Sagala

Malima accompanies Musiara down to 11am feed

Kiasa with Ndiwa and Musiara

Mapia and Musiara browsing

Ndiwa Mukkoka Mapia and Musiara

Musiara browsing deep in the forest


Musiara with a Keeper

Musiara and Maktao having their milk

Sana Sana returns to check on Luggard and Musiara

Musiara also on his way to mud bath

Musiara plucking roots from the ground

Musiara being very attentive to Mukoka

Musiara looking after Mukoka

Musiara Enkesha and Sana Sana

Musiara sucking on his trunk

Musiara and Tagwa browsing

Musiara going to the mud-bath with his friends

Jotto and Musiara spend time together

Musiara scratching his eye with his trunk

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