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Jotto talking to Musiara

Elerai and Musiara

Musiara playing

Musiara with Jotto

Jotto. Kindani and Musiara

Naboishu plays with Musiara

Bondeni, Kinyei and Musiara


Musiara and Naleku

Dololo and Musiara

Musiara scratching

Jotto playing with Musiara


Musiara at mud-bath

Musiara browsing near the mud bath

Musiara and Vuria mud bathing

Jotto and Musiara having a drink of water

Mapia and Musiara greeting each other



Musiara and Roho

Jotto scratching his neck as Musiara looks on

Musiara dusting

Musiara and Ambo

Musiara makes friends with a wild bull

Musiara and Jotto

Dololo and Musiara

Kinyei and Musiara


Musiara and Enkikwe

Jotto playing with Musiara

Musiara and Jotto browsing

Musiara and Teleki in a friendly tussle

Impromptu dusting for Ambo and Musiara

Rapa and Musiara engage in a pushing game

Rapa and Musiara playful boys

Musiara and Mapia

Musiara and Ambo sparring

Musiara and Sagateisa

Namalok playing with Musiara

Musiara with Lucerne on his head

Musiara scratching

Noah facing off with Sattao and Musiara

Ambo and Musiara browsing


Kamok, Musiara and Naleku browsing

Ambo and Musiara sparring

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