Musiara's Latest Photos

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Musiara browsing deep in the forest


Musiara with a Keeper

Musiara and Maktao having their milk

Sana Sana returns to check on Luggard and Musiara

Musiara also on his way to mud bath

Musiara plucking roots from the ground

Musiara being very attentive to Mukoka

Musiara looking after Mukoka

Musiara Enkesha and Sana Sana

Musiara sucking on his trunk

Musiara and Tagwa browsing

Musiara going to the mud-bath with his friends

Jotto and Musiara spend time together

Musiara scratching his eye with his trunk

Musiara not too far from where Luggard was

Kuishi Emoli Maktao and Musiara

Ndiwa receives her milk whilst Musiara looks on

Sagala and Musiara walk to the mud-bath

Musiara makes his way down to 3pm visit

Musiara browsing after mid-day feed

Emoli resting his trunk on Musiara's head

Musiara not too happy after being chased away

Jotto Malima and Musiara out in the forest

Jotto and Musiara at the 9am feed

Musiara sucking on his trunk

Musiara and Maktao browsing together

Little Musiara

Kuishi with Musiara

Musiara, Malkia and Tagwa

Maktao, Musiara and Kuishi

Musiara is a funny little elephant

Musiara, Tagwa and Sagala

Maktao, Musiara, Tagwa, Malima and Kiasa

Musiara is such a gentle boy


Musiara putting his trunk in Jotto's mouth

Ambo and Musiara head to forest

Musiara waits patiently for his milk

Luggard running after his friend Musiara

Emoli with Maisha after his tussle with Musiara

Murit with Musiara

Musiara walks away after Godoma the boys

Little Musiara misses his friend

Musiara, Sattao and Murit behind

Esampu and Musiara

Sweet little Musiara

Musiara waiting for a Keeper

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