Musiara's Latest Photos

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Musiara is such a gentle boy


Musiara putting his trunk in Jotto's mouth

Musiara waits patiently for his milk

Musiara walks away after Godoma the boys

Little Musiara misses his friend

Musiara, Sattao and Murit behind

Sweet little Musiara

Musiara waiting for a Keeper

Musiara and Mapia

Musiara waiting for his friend Luggard

Musiara has been missing his friend Luggard

Musiara going to Maktao

Musiara and Malima

Musiara was sad to leave his friend

Funny little Musiara

Musiara by the water

Musiara with Mbegu

Musiara can stand his ground

Musiara all muddy

Musiara with a Keeper

Musiara likes to share his food

Musiara snuggling up to a keeper

Malima, Musiara and Mapia

Musiara arriving at the mudbath

Musiara browsing

Musiara watches over Malkia

Sweet little Musiara

Musiara waiting for Luggard

Musiara with Godoma

Musiara browsing

Sweet Musiara with Enkesha

Musiara picking soft green leaves

Musiara relaxing

Little Musiara also charging around

Tiny little Musiara

Musiara leading the way

Musiara has a lovely morning greeting

Musiara was annoyed with Sattao

Musiara in his blanket

Musiara with Esampu

Musiara before soil bathing

Musiara and Godoma

Happy Musiara

Musiara going to find Mbegu

Musiara browsing with Mbegu

Musiara can be a jealous little boy sometimes

Sattao and Musiara in front

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