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Narok enjoying some water from the water trough.

Narok, Malima, Mapia, and Kuishi all browsing together.

Narok and Bomani lying down

Narok and Bomani enjoying Lucerne

Narok, Orwa and Bomani



Narok joining the orphans

Mteto and Ukame with Roi and Narok

Narok giving Siku a back kick


Narok and Sirimon

Galla and Narok

Galla and Narok

Naseku browsing with Narok

Naseku Narok and Ukame having a girly chat

Narok and Sapalan


Maramoja and Narok

Naseku, Narok and Tusuja

Narok eating lucerne

Narok browsing with friends

Orwa, Vuria and Narok

Wanjala, Oltaiyoni and Narok

Narok's group arriving

Big girl Narok

Narok feeds with Roi

Vuria Bongo and Narok

Narok and Kithaka

Narok sharing a branch with Ukame

Narok and Bomani rolling on the ground

Narok greets Naseku

Narok's group

Narok scratching

Narok and Orwa eating lucerne

Narok leading the orphan group to mud bath

Narok having a good scratch

Narok playing on the ground

Narok with Shukuru

Narok and Lemoyian after mud bath

Narok scratching on the rocks

Shukuru and Narok mud bathing

Narok feeding and leaning on a rock

Baby Gawa with Narok

Narok leading Laragai browsing

Narok scratching

Wiva playing with Narok

Lemoyian climbing on Narok

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