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Natumi's group drinking water at the stockade

Natumi's group comes to greet the youngsters

A wild boy who came with Natumi's group


Natumi splashing in the water

Emily & Natumi


Natumi and Emily's groups together

Emily and Natumi's groups

Natumi with some of the other orphans

Natumi having a drink at the stockade

Natumi's group

Seraa, Natumi and Edie

Natumi smelling the air

Natumi sniffing the air

Natumi's group at the stockades

Natumi's group leave the stockade

Natumi's grp at the stockade

Natumi drinking at the stockade

Natumi's group coming to drink at the stockade

Natumi group come to the water hole

Natumi group foraging at the foot of Msinga hill

Natumi's group at dusk

Natumi's group at the mud wallow


Edie and Natumi

Mukwaju,Natumi & Edie come to join the youngsters

Edie with Natumi behind

Natumi's group feeding on the foot of Mazinga

A wild boy that came with Natumi's group

Natumi goes to welcome a wild group

Uaso teasing Natumi

Natumi soil bathing

Natumi tosses soil over herself at the mudbath

Uaso takes Natumi's group back to the bush

Natumi playing in the soil

Natumi watching the youngsters playing

Natumi looks after Mweiga

Natumi soil dusting


Meeting ceremony between Laikipia and Natumi

Salama, Natumi and Mkwaju dirnking water

Solango & Natumi with Zoom Zoom

Natumi goes to welcome Uaso

Natumi stops Uaso head on

Natumi and Salama

Natumi is followed by two teenage wild boys

Natumi about to roll into the water at mudbath

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