Natumi's latest photos

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Laikipia & Natumi inspects a dry water hole

Natumi leads the others to the waterhole

Natumi taking charge and scaring away the buffalo

Natumi rolls as Mukwaju blows soil on the head

Natumi places her head on Icholta's back

Natumi stretches her trunk to touch a wild friend

Natumi and Morani go towards the wild group

Natumi browsing on her own

Natumi goes to welcome a wild group

Natumi on Mazinga hill

Natumi and a wild friend having a drink of water

Natumi standing on her own apart from the others

Natumi tipping over the water bins to empty them

Natumi feeding & moving next to the wild matriach

Natumi & a wild cow browsing close to each other

Illingwezi is pushed to get up by Natumi

Natumi greets a wild friend

Natumi leads the wildcalf, Illingwezi helps

Natumi touches Laikipia

Natumi plays with a wild friend

Natumi lay down for the orphans

Natumi scratching

Natumi and Ilingwesi charge the baboons

Natumi greets the Trust's orphaned baby buffalo

Natumi and Tsavo scratching

Natumi enjoying a mudbuth

Natumi enjoying the red earth of an anthill

Natumi's pierced trunk

Natumi playing

Natumi welcomes Emily and Aitong

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