Sadly Ndomot passed away on May 4th, 2011. He shall forever remain in our hearts

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Ndomot's Story

Today, the 26th November, 2003, on the day all Muslims break the fast of the Holy month of Ramadam, we welcomed another little 6 week old elephant into the Nursery from the same remote corner of Kenya that yielded Sunyei, orphaned under the same circumstances, having fallen into a well dug by tribesmen in a dry Northern sand lugga in a very arid part of the world. He comes from Ol Donyo Nyiro district, so he is a tough little dry country elephant, about 6 weeks old, and in good condition. Great credit goes to his rescuers, three Samburu tribesmen, obviously brothers, named Barin Leruso, Ltaisan Leruso and Kibatoi Leruso.

Ndomot's Story

Date of Passing

4 May 2011



Rescued date

12 November 2003

Rescue Location

Laikipia, Loisaba Ranch

Date of Birth (approximate)

1 October 2003

Reason Orphaned

Man-made cause for separation

Age at Rescue

1 month old (approx)

Passed away

04 May 2011

Ndomot's Archival Updates

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Ndomot's Archival Photos

Ndomot soil bathing


Loijuk followed by Ndomot


Ndomot playing


Ndomot & Wendi