Ololoo's latest photos

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Lualeni and Ololoo

Orwa playing with Ololoo

Vuria and Ololoo strength testing

Ololoo playing with Orwa

Ololoo mounting Orwa

Ololoo plays with Orwa

Ololoo and Orwa in pushing games

Ololoo strength testing with Kenze

Ololoo pushing with Orwa

Ololoo rides on Kasigau

Lualeni and Ololoo

Madiba, Kenze, Ololoo & Lualeni feeding together

Ololoo coming to visit

Ololoo and Lualeni

Kasigau and Ololoo playing


Lualeni with Ololoo

Lualeni drinking with Ololoo

Laragai sniffs at Ololoo

Wild baby plays with Ololoo

Kilaguni playing with Ololoo

Kamboyo and Ololoo

Lualeni and Ololoo

Ololoo and Taita

Ololoo and Nasalot

Ololoo and Lualeni


Ololoo enjoying lucerne

Ololoo feeding

Ololoo and Chemi Chemi strength testing


Ololoo drinks with wild eles

Ololoo and Kasigau pushing

Ololoo and Tumaren at the mudbath

Ololoo strength testing with Sabachi

Ololoo lying in the mud

Ololoo in the mudbath

Lualeni and Ololoo

Mutara plays with Ololoo

Sabachi and Ololoo strength testing

Ololoo browsing

Ololoo and wild elephant

Ololoo playing

Ololoo, Kalama and Kasigau wallowing

Ololoo enjoying the water

Kanjoro and Ololoo in the mudbath

Kilaguni and Ololoo playing

Kilaguni and Ololoo in pushing games

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