Ololoo's latest photos

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Makena, Ololoo and Kilaguni

Ololoo relaxing under a tree

Ololoo in the middle of Wendi's group

Ololoo and Lualeni

Sunyei and Ololoo

Ololoo browsing

Ololoo drinks with wild elephants

Lualeni watches over Ololoo as he drinks milk

Ololoo with Wendi's group


Ololoo near the mudbath


Ololoo after mudbath

Ololoo and Chemi Chemi

Ololoo sniffing

Ololoo in the lorry having milk

Ololoo well guarded by the older ex orphans

Ololoo in the truck

Ololoo having milk

Ololoo out with the others

Ololoo browsing

Kalama, Chemi Chemi and Ololoo on board

Ololoo's tusks can be seen as he browses


Ololoo with the orphans

Ololoo with the orphans, Ishanga by his side

Ololoo with Kalama and Peter


Ololoo with Ishanga

Chemi Chemi looking at Ololoo in the background



Ishanga greeting Ololoo

Ololoo with the Keepers

Ololoo with Kalama

Turkwel with Ololoo

Ishanga following Ololoo

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