Sagala's latest photos

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Sagala running away

Sagala running from a wild herd

Sagala brought back by the Keepers

Tagwa on the right, Sagala, Araba and Emoli

Sagala, Tagwa and Bada

Emoli and Sagala feeding on lucerne pellets

Sagala and Emoli being friendly with a wild calf

Tagwa and Sagala enjoy a quiet moment

Lasayen, Sagala, Tagwa and Emoli

Sagala browsing in the field.

Sagala enjoying her afternoon bottle of milk.

Sagala and Malima in the field with the other orphans.

Sagala enjoying her morning bottle of milk.

Sagala making her way to 9am feed

Sagala Larro Malima and Jotto play on the dust mou

Sagala and Larro coming out of the forest together

Larro and Sagala leave the mud bath together

Larro browsing with Sagala

Sagala trying to catch some wild scents

Sagala and Larro browsing

Sagala Malima and Jotto wrestling with each other

Sagala also enjoys dusting

Mapia Malima and Sagala

Tagwa dusts as Sagala looks on

Sagala Malima Jotto on the dust mound

Sagala in a playful mood

Sagala ready to roll in the red soil

Sagala enjoys dust bathing

Ambo and Sagala pushing games

Larro and Sagala browsing

Sagala dusting

Ambo Sagala and Tamiyoi browse

Sagala and Malima

Sagala and Malima



Emoli, Malima, Sagala and Kuishi


Sagala and Mapia

Maisha, Sagala and Maktao

Maisha and Sagala

Tagwa with Sagala

Sagala this morning after Sana Sana left

Sagala waiting for 9am bottle

Sagala pulling out the roots of a shrub

Sagala happy for Mukkoka to join him

Sagala waiting to go home at 5pm

Mukkoka browsing with Sagala

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