Sagala's latest photos

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Musiara with Sagala

Sagala before the "moving rock"incident

Sagala sucking on her trunk

Sagala running down to the 11am feed

Sagala having her milk bottle

Maktao with Sagala



Sagala, Sattao and Emoli

Sagala and Ambo


Sagala after running to the forest all excited

Sagala enjoying the sunshine

Maktao Sattao and Sagala enjoy their milk

Sagala browsing in the forest

Sagala finds a quiet spot to browse

Maktao Sagala and Kuishi at 9am feed

Sagala browsing deep in the forest

Maisha and Sagala browse together

Ndiwa browsing close to Sagala

Sagala browsing deep in the forest

Tagwa Sagala and Sana Sana browsing

Sagala waiting for her milk bottle

Sagala and Musiara walk to the mud-bath

Sagala leading orphans to morning activities

Sagala and Ndiwa at the mud-bath

Enkesha and Sagala

Sagala with alert ears

Sagala swinging her trunk

Sagala enjoying the lush grass

Sagala browsing

Sagala out in the forest

Sagala browsing with Maktao

Sagala browsing with the others now

Musiara, Tagwa and Sagala

Ndiwa, Kiasa and Sagala

Sagala browsing

Ndotto and Sagala before the Buffalo incident

Sagala chosing to return for mud-bath feed

Sagala choosing to browse close to Shukuru

Sagala running for milk bottle

Godoma running towards Sagala

Sagala was scared too

Funny Sagala

Mteto, Sagala and Tagwa

Restless Sagala

Sagala Tagwa and Tasayen crossing the stream

Sagala running for his milk bottle

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