Tagwa's Latest Photos

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Tagwa, Sagala and Emoli leading

Keeper with Ngilai and Tagwa

Tagwa, Sagala and Emoli leading

Tagwa and Murit

Tagwa on the right, Sagala, Araba and Emoli

Tagwa, Ndotto, Lasayen and Murit

Araba and Tagwa chatting

Sagala, Tagwa and Bada

Suswa following Tagwa

Ngilai rubbing grass on Tagwa's bottom

Ngilai with Tagwa

Tagwa and Sagala enjoy a quiet moment

Lasayen, Sagala, Tagwa and Emoli

Tagwa and Kiasa browsing on some fresh grass.

Tagwa eating some fresh grass.

Tagwa with the Nursery herd.

Tagwa holding onto her milk bottle.

Malima and Tagwa kicking up dust

Mapia after Tagwa reprimanded her

Tagwa with her Keeper

Tagwa and Ambo at the mud-bath

Tagwa enjoys dusting

Tagwa and Ambo at the mud bath

Sattao and Tagwa looking for browse

Tagwa dusts as Sagala looks on

Larro dusting next to Tagwa

Tagwa playing with water

Tagwa enjoys her bottle of milk

Tagwa drinking water at the mud hole

Tagwa lookign forward to the 3pm feed

A very relaxed Tagwa



Maisha and Tagwa





Musiara, Tagwa and Dololo

Tagwa, Ambo, Mapia and Enkesha

Jotto, Maisha and Tagwa

Tagwa and Sattao

Maisha and Tagwa

Tagwa with Sagala

Tagwa at the 9am feed

Tagwa Maisha Jotto browsing

Tagwa browsing in the forest

Tagwa leading the orphans to the forest

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