Tagwa's latest photos

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Tagwa and Jotto

Sattao with Tagwa

Tagwa and Jotto

Tagwa browsing

Tagwa in the forest

Sattao with Tagwa in the background

Tagwa plucking at some branches

Tagwa feeling playful

Musiara and Tagwa browsing

Tagwa browsing in the bushes

Maktao and Tagwa pluck at some green leaves

Tagwa off to the 11am feed

Tagwa Sagala and Sana Sana browsing

Tagwa ready for early morning browsing

Sana Sana and Tagwa entwining trunks

Jotto, Malima and Tagwa

Sana Sana and Tagwa

Tagwa sniffing Jotto's mouth

Jotto trying to push Tagwa

Tagwa pulling roots out of the ground

Tagwa getting ready to dust

Malima browsing with Tagwa

Jotto and Tagwa entwining trunks

Sana Sana and Tagwa dusting

Musiara, Malkia and Tagwa

Tagwa all covered in mud

Musiara, Tagwa and Sagala

Tagwa was not happy with Kiko either!

Maktao, Musiara, Tagwa, Malima and Kiasa

Sattao looking for Tagwa

Ambo after being told off by Tagwa

Tagwa leading orphans in browsing activties

Tagwa leading the orphans to browse

Maisha and Tagwa browsing

Tagwa and Mundusi browsing

Tagwa, Jotto and Maktao

Tagwa, Jotto, Murit and Maktao

Tagwa leading the others

Mteto, Sagala and Tagwa

Tagwa planning her move to get her milk early

Tagwa waiting his turn for 11am feed

Malkia following in Tagwa's foodsteps

Sagala Tagwa and Tasayen crossing the stream

Tagwa and Jotto

Tagwa and Lasayen

Tagwa sneaking away with Ndiwa

Tagwa out exploring

Tagwa with Emoli

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