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Tagwa going for a mud bath

Tagwa, Godoma, Kuishi, Enkesha running for milk

Tagwa going to find the little ones

Tagwa playing with a rock

Tagwa remains such a shy little girl

Sometimes Malima can be mean to Tagwa

Sweet Tagwa

Tagwa was jealous of Ambo

Tagwa, Tamiyoi and Sana Sana

Jotto standing with Tagwa

Tagwa coming for her milk bottle

Sweet little Tagwa

Tagwa browsing with the other babies

Tagwa browsing with a keeper

Tagwa had to run from playful Lasayen

Tagwa had to quickly follow suit...

Wanjala with Tagwa

Malkia with Tagwa

Tagwa can be naughty about her milk bottle!

Two naughty milk girls Tagwa and Esampu!

Tagwa, Tamiyoi, Jotto and Malkia with blankets

Tagwa and Esampu with Luggard

Tagwa is sticking up for herself these days

Tagwa and Galla

Galla with little Tagwa

Malkia and Tagwa with their keeper

Ngilai was naughty and bullied poor Tagwa

Wanjala running behind Tagwa

Tagwa is a gentle baby

Poor little Tagwa was chased by Ngilai!

Tagwa with Jotto behind

Tagwa is naughty at feeding times!

Sana Sana, Tagwa and Murit

Tagwa having her milk

Tagwa and Sana Sana

Tagwa chasing after warthogs

Tagwa shouting for milk

Sweet little Tagwa

Tagwa happy after her coconut oil bath

Tagwa is a greedy girl

Tagwa Ngilai and Ambo with a keeper

Tagwa and Jotto in the baby group with others

Poor Tagwa got bumped by Rapa!

Tagwa and Kamok

Tagwa and Dupotto browsing

Tagwa and Dupotto

Tagwa is very sweet and gentle

Tagwa out with the other babies

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