Wendi's latest photos

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Wendi and Wema

Wema and Wendi

Wendi and some members of her group


Wendi and Wema

Kinna, Wendi and Wema

Wendi's group with Yatta and their babies

Early morning visit from Wendi & her newborn calf

Wendi with Wema and Wiva


Sunyei and Wendi with orphans

Wendi minus Wiva

Ex orphan Wendi, Lemoyian, Sana Sana and Zurura

Wendi and Yatta's ex-orphan herd

Wendi and Wiva

Yatta and Wendi with the others

Wendi, baby Wiva and Olsekki

Tomboi and Wendi

Challa and Wendi

Wendi with Wiva

Wendi and her herd arriving

Wendi and Wiva after a mud bath

Wendi leading the Ex Orphans

Ololoo, Wiva, wild elephant and Wendi

Wendi and Wiva with the orphans

Wendi with her baby Wiva

Lenana, Wendi, Galana and their babies

Wendi and Wiva scratching on the rock

Wiva and Wendi

Wendi and Wiva


Wendi, Wiva and Laragai

Nasalot, Wiva and Wendi

Narok standing close to Wiva and Wendi

Wendi in the stockade

Wendi in the stockade with lucerne

Wendi arriving with nannies and Wiva

Wiva with Wendi

Wendi, Kinna and Nasalot (with baby Wiva)

Wendi with her baby and Sidai

Ex-orphans at the stockade with Wendi and Wiva

Wendi and Wiva

Wendi and Wiva

Wendi and Wiva at the stockades

Wendi and Wiva

Sities, Wiva and Wendi

Sities, Wiva, Wendi and Sidai

Wendi with her baby Wiva

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