Wendi's latest photos

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Wendi scratching

Taita and Wendi playing beside Yatta

Selengai, Taita and Wendi resting in the shade

Taita, Wendi and Napasha playing together

Wendi leading the orphans

Wendi pinning down Taita

Wendi and Taita soilbathing

Taita, Wendi and Napasha playing together

Wendi reassures Ndomot

Mulika, Taita and Wendi playing together

Wendi and Yatta playing against an anthill

Wendi scrathing on a rock

Wendi plays with Taita

Wendi leading the group

Wendi takes the orphans home covered in clay dust

Wendi having fun with a tree stump

Wendi leads the orphans

Wendi leads, Tomboi follows then Napasha

Wendi scratching against a rock

Wendi leads the group

Wendi scrathing on a rock

Kinna lieing down with Wendi behind

Wendi climbs all over Taita

Wendi and Selengai

Napasha sitting and Wendi scratching

Wendi crossing over Napasha

Taita, Tomboi and Wendi



Wendi, Olmalo and Napasha

Tomboi and Wendi browsing

Tomboi and Wendi leading to the stockade

Wendi and Kinna


Wendi, Tomboi, Taita and Napasha

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