Ziwadi's Latest Photos

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Ziwadi running in the field

Ziwadi walking out to the field

Ziwadi wrapped in her blanket

Ziwadi enjoying her milk

Ziwadi and Tamiyoi

Ziwadi browsing

Ziwadi cuddling Tamiyoi


Little Ziwadi


Maktao and Ziwadi browsing

Ziwadi browsing

Ziwadi running to catch up with her friends

Ziwadi and friends


A close-up of Ziwadi enjoying her milk.

Ziwadi charging around the field for her milk.

Ziwadi enjoying her milk with some of the other orphans.

Ziwadi, with Tamiyoi and the rest of the orphans

Ziwadi, suckling on her keepers hand for comfort.

Ziwadi enjoying her milk

Ziwadi enjoying her milk near Jotto.

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