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  1. Sobo’s sad passing - 8/10/2013 (RHINO UPDATE)

    The recent arrival of Sobo, a little rhino calf rescued  by KWS having been mauled badly by lions in Tsavo East National Park very sadly died on the morning of the 7th August. (read more)

  1. A Great Personal Sadness for Daphne at the death of Pushmi (alias Hoshim) - 6/18/2012 (RHINO UPDATE)

    (read more)

    Daphne and Hoshim taking their evening walk together Stroppy and Hoshim playing with Raru Daphne with Hoshim Hoshim plays on the lawn at Voi
  1. Solio Update - 5/8/2011 (RHINO UPDATE)

    Solio came to us at the end of September 2010, orphaned at the age of six months old, and on arrival proved to be a serious hand full. (read more)

    Solio relaxes with her Keepers Solio chilling with Abdi An archival photograph taken by David Sheldrickof a rhino with huge horn in Tsavo in 1974
  1. Shida's Last Days - 3/18/2011 (RHINO UPDATE)

    6.30pm on the 18th of March we received the phone call that left us all shattered. (read more)

    Shida on the 8th of March Shida at his new home Shida in Tsavo enjoying the browse Shida in his stockade in Tsavo West
  1. An update about Solio - 1/24/2011 (RHINO UPDATE)

    Solio first arrived into our care as a feisty calf of just six months old, who gave the Keepers a real run around. (read more)

    A playful Solio Maxwell Solio enjoying a mud rub by the Keepers Solio relaxed

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