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"Please help us help an orphaned elephant
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as a gift of life"
Angela Sheldrick

Adopt an Elephant Orphan

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When a tiny new-born elephant is orphaned, it is often because its mother and family have been killed to serve the brutal ivory trade. For an elephant, family is all important; a calf’s very existence depends upon its mother's milk for the first two years of life.

In Kenya an Elephant Nursery exists nestled within Nairobi National Park under the auspices of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which is overseen by Angela Sheldrick, whose elephant experience spans a lifetime. This pioneering organisation, which works in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service offers hope for any orphaned elephant fortunate enough to be found alive.

It took Daphne Sheldrick nearly three decades of trial and error to perfect the milk formula and complex husbandry necessary to rear an orphaned infant African elephant yet today, with support from many caring people world-wide, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is proud to have saved over 150 orphaned infant calves, which would otherwise have perished. More importantly, every one of these orphans can look forward to a quality of life in wild terms, living free in Tsavo East National Park protected by their new extended orphaned family and friends amongst the wild herds.

For more information in understanding our work, please see Understanding the Orphan's Project.

None of this would have been possible without help of many people worldwide, for the rearing an infant elephant is an expensive and long-term commitment during the time it is dependent upon milk and a team of trained carers who represent the lost elephant family and are there for the little elephant until such time as it is comfortable amongst the wild herds and chooses to become independent. The time involved depends entirely upon the personality of each individual and also upon how well the elephant can recall its elephant family, but all the orphans reared by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are "elephants" again and integrated into the wild community by the age of ten, though always in their large elephant hearts will be a corner for the specific humans who were their family in infancy.

The Baby Elephant Foster Parent Programme,

Via email, your gift will include:

Print off this InformationWe have made our fostering program digital, thereby keeping admin costs down. Postage around the world is a cumbersome administrative expense that we are now able to avoid through the Internet. Any queries about the fostering program can be directed to

  A fostering certificate with a profile and photograph of your adopted orphan together with a description of the Orphans’ Project;
  Adopt an Elephant Orphan An interactive map indicating where your orphan was found and a description of the habitat and the plight of the elephants (or Rhinos) in that particular area;
  Adopt an Elephant Orphan A monthly summary highlighting events of the previous month together with a direct link to the ‘Keepers Diary’ for your elephant. In the diary you will be able to access the daily calendar entries and the monthly photos. These updates can be printed off to enable you to keep a journal highlighting the progress of your orphan;.
  Along with the update you will receive a collectable monthly watercolor by Angela Sheldrick;
  Adopt an Elephant Orphan From time-to-time, you will receive news of new arrivals and rescues written by Angela Sheldrick with accompanying photographs;
  Adopt an Elephant Orphan And most importantly, as one of our foster parents, you are considered part of the DSWT team and we will be keeping in personal contact with you as an important member of our project.



A truly unique and novel gift that can be enjoyed throughout the year

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - Adopt an Elephant Orphan Choose an elephant orphan whose story touches 
your heart and whose name appeals to you.

The Trust likes to name its orphaned elephants in a way that can identify them with their origin. The orphans come from all corners of Kenya and from many different elephant populations, so they are usually given place or ethnic tribal names.


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