Faru Team Burra Update: 01 August 2010

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 August 2010

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This month the Burra Team assisted with the rescue of 3 elephants. Two of these were adult bulls who had cable snares cutting into their flesh, one bull had the snare around his neck and the other on the body. The Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit was called and together with the Vet the snares were removed off both elephants and their wounds were treated. The third rescue involved rescuing an orphaned elephant calf spotted at Sagalla Ranch. The calf had been attacked by a lion and was missing a tail. The Team captured the calf and transported it to the Voi Stockades were it was handed over to the DSWT Elephant Keepers.

A total of 213 snares were lifted in all areas covered,most of which targeted small game such as Dikdik. The team saw a bushbuck with a snare around its neck but was unable to capture the animal to remove the snare. The Team found 2 active poachers hideouts, one at dakota and the other at Kalalu. One poacher was arrested in Sagalla.

Heavy charcaol burning and logging was seen at Sagalla and Kalalu. This is posing a big threat to the remaining indigenous trees and hence regular patrols & monitoring is reuiqred to protect the natural resources in these areas.