Faraja's latest photos

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Faraja splashing mud on his chest

Faraja after his mud wallow

Maktao and Faraja at the water-trough

Faraja walking to the forest to join wild friends

Faraja leaving the mud-bath

Faraja scratching his trunk after mud bath

Faraja looking for minerals

Faraja drinking water from a broken pipe

Mwashoti being playful with Faraja

Faraja and Maktao moving through the tall grass

Faraja after dusting

Faraja after mud-bath

Faraja in the Kenze hills

Faraja putting his trunk on Lima Lima

Lima Lima and Faraja pushing games

Faraja scratching his bottom

Mwashoti pushing games with Faraja

Faraja wading in the waterhole

Faraja walking to the Chyulu Hills

Mwashoti taking on Faraja

Faraja with Zongoloni

Faraja play mounting on Lima Lima

Mwashoti pushing Faraja

Faraja and Ngasha playing

Faraja scratching his eye

Faraja covered in mud

Faraja takes a nap

Faraja wallowing

Faraja joins the Umani herd

Faraja cooling his feet

Sonje reprimanding Faraja

Faraja splashing water

Faraja and Ziwa hanging out

Faraja putting grass on his head

Ziwa and Faraja pushing games in the waterhole

Faraja rolling on the ground to scratch his belly

Lima Lima pushing Faraja

Faraja pulling acacia branches

Faraja scratching his bottom

Faraja finds a broken water pipe

Mwashoti and Faraja at the dust-bath

Mwashoti and Faraja pushing games

Faraja sparring with Mwashoti

Faraja spreading his ears

Faraja taking food out of Ngasha's mouth

Zongoloni and Faraja at the water trough

Naughty Faraja climbing on Alamaya

Faraja and Ngasha greet each other in the morning

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