Faraja's latest photos

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Faraja standing in the mudbath

Faraja and Ngasha browsing

Faraja smelling the air

Faraja mudbathing

Faraja & Ziwa at the waterhole

Faraja and Lima Lima in the field

Lima Lima drinking and Faraja

Faraja playing with Quanza

Faraja at the water trough

Faraja walking with Ziwa

Faraja and Shukuru


Faraja with Jasiri

Sonje running from Faraja


Faraja and Ziwa

Faraja hugging Ngasha


Faraja and Ngasha playing

Faraja following his friends

Ngasha and Faraja eating pellets

Faraja browsing

Faraja looking for something good to eat

Faraja and Ngasha competing for water

Lima Lima and Faraja

Faraja leading the way

Lima Lima and Faraja playing

Ziwa and Faraja splashing mud

Faraja browsing on some green branches.

Faraja and some of the boys in the field.

Ziwa and Faraja play fighting in the morning.

Lima Lima and Faraja at the water trough.

Jasiri and Faraja within the Kibwezi forest.

Faraja scratching his belly with his foot.

Faraja playfully mounting Ngasha in the waterhole.

Ngasha having some fun with Faraja in the mud bath.

Faraja peeling some bark off an acacia tree.

Ziwa and Faraja following one another whilst in the field.

Faraja coming back to the orphan herd.

Faraja returning back to the stockades after he had spent some time with his wild friends.

Faraja pulling down a branch

Faraja and friends browsing on some dry bark

Ziwa and Faraja browsing in the field

Faraja enjoying a scratch against Ngasha

Faraja stood on the pipeline

Ziwa and Faraja at the mud bath

Faraja climbing on Ziwa

Faraja enjoying the mud bath

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