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Faraja taking food out of Ngasha's mouth

Zongoloni and Faraja at the water trough

Naughty Faraja climbing on Alamaya

Faraja and Ngasha greet each other in the morning

Faraja at the dust bath

Mwashoti and Faraja strength testing games.

Faraja making advances on Lima Lima

Faraja and Ziwa wade into the mud-bath

Faraja and Lima Lima pushing games

Ngasha and Faraja cooling off in the mud

Faraja rubbing his bottom on some dry grass

Faraja climbing on Sonje

Faraja chewing on a tree

Faraja browsing in the forest

Faraja and Zongoloni join the herd late

Ziwa climbing on Faraja

Faraja and Ngasha pushing games

Faraja scratching his bottom against a tree

Faraja blowing dust clouds

Faraja with Zongoloni after emerging from the hill

Jasiri and Faraja dusting

Faraja's new friend

Faraja and Zongoloni drinking from the broken pipe

Faraja places a welcoming trunk on Enkesha

Alamaya and Faraja browse together

Enkesha and Faraja at the watertrough

Faraja cooling his feet

Faraja charging in the forest

Sonje with Faraja

Faraja finds a tasty shrub

Ziwa and Faraja browsing

Faraja scratching

Faraja enjoying the green browse

Faraja leaving the forest

Faraja dusting

Mwashoti and Faraja sparring

Faraja and Ngasha sparring

Faraja trying to mount Lima Lima

Faraja busy browsing

Faraja having fun at mud bath

Faraja coming to join the youngsters

Ziwa and Faraja playing

Faraja returns after a night out

Faraja browsing

Faraja comes to join his friends

Jasiri and Faraja

Faraja coming to join the others

Faraja with a mouthful of greens

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