Godoma's latest photos

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Godoma and Tagwa dusting

Godoma left and Murit after mud bath

Godoma and Murit playing

Emoli and Godoma sparring

Godoma playing at the water trough

Sagala and Godoma

Godoma dusting up

Godoma in a jovial mood

Godoma at the waters edge

Godoma enjoying dairy cubes

Emoli, Godoma and Tahri

Godoma sitting at the mud bath

Emoli playing with Godoma

Godoma charging at Ivia

Godoma & Emoli mud bathing

Mbegu left and Godoma

Godoma having fun in the water

Godoma browsing

Godoma left and Emoli

Godoma playing

Tagwa lying on Godoma

Godoma digging

Godoma seated and Ndii

Godoma browsing

Godoma waiting for milk

Godoma lying down & Suswa

Godoma stepping on a rock

Godoma having fun in the water

Godoma, Tahri and Arruba


Ndoria and Godoma at the stockade terrace

Ndoria, Suswa and Godoma wallowing

Godoma and Ndoria

Godoma playing

Godoma playing, Ngilai and Emoli join her

Godoma using a stick to scratch her leg

Godoma taking food from Sagala's mouth

Godoma and Ndotto

Godoma climbing the terrace

Godoma and Ngilai

Mbegu, Godoma and Mudanda browsing

Godoma and Tahri

Lasayen and Godoma

Godoma browsing

Sagala and Godoma scratching on the tree

Godoma, Embu and Tagwa browsing

Lasayen and Godoma

Godoma, Emoli and Tahri

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