Kuishi's latest photos

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Mapia, Kuishi and Malima coming for milk

Kuishi leading the orphans to the field.

Narok, Malima, Mapia, and Kuishi all browsing together.

Kuishi playing at the mud bath.

Tusuja seeing what Kuishi has in her mouth.

Kuishi having a dust bath.

Kuishi, Malima, and Mapia in the lorry

Kuishi smelling a rock in the field.

Kuishi browsing near Larro.

Malima, Kuishi and Mapia

Kuishi standing outside the translocation lorry.

Mapia and Kuishi in the field after their milk.

Mapia, Kuishi, and Malima headed back to the bush

Kuishi smelling the scents in the field.

Mapia, Kuishi and Malima returning after another training session.

Kuishi wondering around in the field.

Kuishi suckling her trunk.

Kuishi with her Keeper

Ambo with Kuishi after 9am feed

Kuishi with Luggard

Kuishi enjoys her milk bottle

Maktao waiting with Kuishi for milk

Kuishi browsing alone

Kuishi running to join her friends at mud bath

Malima and Kuishi at the mud-bath

Kuishi with milk spatters on her leg

Maktao browsign with Kuishi


Mapia and Kuishi behind


Kuishi, Kiasa and Mukkoka


Emoli, Malima and Kuishi

Emoli, Malima, Sagala and Kuishi





Kuishi in the forest

Jotto and Kuishi browse together

Kuishi walking to the 9am feed area

Kuishi running down to 11am feed

Kuishi in a playful mood

Tagwa with Kuishi

Sana Sana and Kuishi ready to browse

Ambo and Kuishi browsing together

Kuishi swinging her trunk next to Tagwa

Sana Sana and Kuishi

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