Kuishi's latest photos

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Kuishi walking in the forest

Kuishi and Esampu in the mud

Kuishi chewing a root next to a stream

Kuishi trying some small branches

Malkia browsing next to Kuishi

Kuishi wallowing

Kuishi looking for Warthongs to chase

Mteto and Kuishi early morning browsing

Kuishi and Mteto browse together

Kuishi enjoying some greens

Kuishi and Maktao share some greens

Smiling Kuishi

Luggard, Kuishi, Sattao and Lasayen

Kuishi was in a very playful mood

Kuishi being so naughty!

Kuishi stamped around with Ngilai

Malima, Kuishi and Malkia

Kuishi was misbehaving at visiting

Mama Mbegu came over and pushed Kuishi away

Kuishi looking for some tasty branches

Kuishi charging around!

Kuishi, Jotto and Esampu

Luggard with Kuishi

Kuishi was apprehensive of Jotto at first

Tamiyoi playing with Kuishi

Sweet little Kuishi

Tamiyoi and Kuishi

Kuishi playing around on the ground

Kuishi in a playful mood today

Kuishi likes the little babies too

Kuishi can be so funny

Esampu infront with Kuishi behind

Kuishi messing around on the ground

Mbegu, Esampu and Kuishi

Kuishi playing around to keep warm

Kuishi scratching an itch!

Kuishi wanted to play as well

Kuishi was being chased!

Kuishi came running out of the bushes

Kuishi did not like the rain either

Rapa being nice to Kuishi

Dupotto behind Kuishi

Tagwa, Godoma, Kuishi, Enkesha running for milk

Kuishi playing in the fresh mud

Kuishi and Mbegu

Enkesha with Kuishi

Ngilai was chasing Kuishi

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