Kuishi's latest photos

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Kuishi rushing to 11am bottle feed





Jotto and Kuishi browsing

Kuishi ready to go down to mud bath

Kuishi reaching up to get some green leaves

Kuishi browsing with friends

Kuishi after playing with Jotto

Sattao and Kuishi run for their 9am milk bottle

Kuishi getting ready to go down to mud-bath

Kuishi heards something in the distance

Maktao Sagala and Kuishi at 9am feed

Kuishi happy to browse alone

Kuishi in a playful mood

Maktao and Kuishi on top of the rocks

Kuishi Emoli Maktao and Musiara

Kuishi swinging her trunk

Mapia with Enkesha and Kuishi after 9am feed

Kuishi follows the herd for morning browsing

Kuishi drinking from a puddle

Kuishi solo browsing

Kuishi with Musiara

Maktao, Musiara and Kuishi

Kuishi playing around

Kuishi browsing


Kuishi with little Sattao

Kuishi missed Shukuru

Mapia Jotto and Kuishi

Ndotto and Kuishi browsing

Kuishi happy to let others take the lead

Kuishi with Malkia

Kuishi manages to reach top of a shrub

Kuishi and Malkia

Kuishi relaxing

Kuishi with Edwin

Kuishi finds some juicy leaves

Mbegu, Sattao, Maktao and Kuishi

Kuishi browsing

Kuishi isn't as social as the other elephants

Kuishi loves chasing warthogs

Malima and Kuishi

Kuishi putting grass on her head

Kuishi picking at shoots on the ground

Malima, Esampu, Kuishi and Ambo

Kuishi browsing with Mteto

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