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Mapia climbing on Sana Sana

Mapia and Dololo

Mapia scratching

Ambo challenging Mapia

Galla riding on Mapia

Mapia browsing with Ndiwa

Mapia playing

Maramoja and Mapia

Galla and Mapia

Mapia strength testing with Lemoyian

Kuishi and Mapia dust bathing

Mapia strength testing with Galla

Mapia leading

Kuishi and Mapia browsing



Ndiwa and Mapia scratching

Mapia dust bathing

Mapia, Malima & Jotto browsing

Mapia scratching

Oltaiyoni & Mapia browsing

Mapia and Roi browsing

Rapa and Mapia scratching

Mapia soil bathing

Mapia and Kuishi

Mapia and Malima

Mapia scratching

Sapalan, Galla and Mapia scratching

Mapia rolling on the ground

Mapia in the lead on the way home

Mapia scratching

Tusuja, Mteto and Mapia

Ambo, Mapia and Malima

Malkia and Mapia browsing

Sana Sana and Mapia dust bathing

Mapia scratching

Mapia browsing with his friends

Jotto and Mapia

Mapia leading

Kuishi scratching against Mapia

Mapia scratching

Kuishi and Mapia having a drink

Mapia scratching

Mapia enjoys early morning scratch

Mapia enjoying the mud-bath

Mapia waiting to greet a wild herd

Mapia and Orwa

Mapia feeding

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