Mapia's latest photos

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Malkia and Mapia browsing

Ambo, Mapia and Malima

Sana Sana and Mapia dust bathing

Mapia scratching

Mapia browsing with his friends

Jotto and Mapia

Mapia leading

Kuishi scratching against Mapia

Mapia scratching

Kuishi and Mapia having a drink

Mapia scratching

Mapia enjoys early morning scratch

Mapia enjoying the mud-bath

Mapia and Orwa

Mapia waiting to greet a wild herd

Mapia feeding

Mapia and Kuishi scratching

Mapia asking Kitirua for some Lucerne

Mapia, Kuishi and Malima coming for milk

Mapia and Malima after their morning Lucerne pellets.

Mapia enjoying a morning scratch.

Mapia and Malima having a mud bath.

Narok, Malima, Mapia, and Kuishi all browsing together.

Jotto and Mapia checking out the trunk of a tree.

Kuishi, Malima, and Mapia in the lorry

Tamiyoi and Mapia browsing on some grass.

Malima, Kuishi and Mapia

Mapia and Kuishi in the field after their milk.

Mapia, Kuishi, and Malima headed back to the bush

Malima and Mapia cuddling after their training.

Mapia in the field.

Musiara and Mapia browsing with the rest of the Nursery herd.

Malima and Mapia browsing together in the field.

Mapia, Kuishi and Malima returning after another training session.

Mapia and Musiara making they way to 9am feed

Mapia flapping his ears

Mapia after Tagwa reprimanded her

Mapia with Larro in the forest

Ambo Mapia Malima dusting

Mapia Malima and Sagala

Mapia enjoys wallowing

Ambo sniffing Mapia's mouth

Mapia browsing with friends

Mapia sniffing the air


Mapia and Kuishi behind



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