Mapia's latest photos

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Sagala and Mapia


Mapia with his Keeper

Mapia plucking grass

Mapia enjoying dusting

Mapia dusting

Tamiyoi with Mapia after the 11am feed

Mapia with a big stick in his mouth

Mapia waiting for his milk bottle

Mapia and Musiara browsing

Ndiwa Mukkoka Mapia and Musiara

Mukkoka with Mapia and Maisha

Mapia after 9am milk feed

Mapia and Mukkoka

Tagwa, Jotto and Mapia

Mapia, Tamiyoi and Malima


Malima, Mapia and Kiasa


Mapia at the 9am feed

Mapia leading the orphans to browse

Mapia after mud bath

Mapia and friends heading back to the stockades

Mapia filling his tummy

Mapia and Ndiwa lead the orphans in the morning

Mapia at 9am feed

Mapia sucking his trunk

Mapia having his milk bottle

Mapia walks off on his own this morning

Mapia enjoys dusting

Mapia walking away to find a new browsing spot

Mapia at the mud-bath

Mapia with Enkesha and Kuishi after 9am feed

Mapia dusting himself

Mapia solo browsing

Mapia next to Ndiwa

Jotto and Mapia

Mapia and Ambo in the mud

Mapia, Ndiwa in the middle and little Kiasa

Maktao, Mapia and Sattao

Jotto hiding behind Mapia

Mapia having his milk

Mapia enjoying his 9am bottle feed

Mapia chose to browse alone today

Mapia trying to pick up a root with his trunk

Mapia Jotto and Kuishi

Mapia and Malima before Kiasa disrupted the peace

Mbegu, Godoma, Mapia and Tamiyoi

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