Mbegu's latest photos

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Mbegu playing

Mbegu and Emoli drinking

Mbegu sitting playing with Emoli

Mbegu and a wild bull

Rorogoi and Mbegu dust bathing

Emoli riding on Mbegu's back

Mbegu browsing with Lasayen

Ndotto engaging Mbegu in a sparring session

Mbegu watching Ngilai & Emoli sparring

Mbegu browsing with Emoli

Mbegu playing at the dust bath

Murit and Mbegu browsing

Murit and Mbegu scratching

Emoli's game with Ngilai is stopped by Mbegu

Mbegu, Emoli and Lasayen

Mbegu scratching

Mbegu browsing

Mbegu stretches her trunk towards Murit

Mbegu left and Arruba

Mbegu browsing

Mbegu sucking her trunk

Mbegu browsing

Mbegu embracing Tahri

Ndotto & Mbegu at the water bowser

Ndotto playing with Mbegu

Mbegu browsing

Ndotto and Mbegu strength testing

Mbegu on the dust pile

Ndotto digging while Mbegu watches

Mbegu with Emoli

Mbegu, Emoli and Sagala having a drink

Embu rubbing her neck on Mbegu

Mbegu & Emoli playing in the trench

Mbegu browsing

Emoli, Lasayen, Sagala, Mbegu & Godoma

Mbegu and Ndotto

Murit left with Mbegu

Mbegu and Rorogoi relaxing

Ndotto, Mbegu and Murit

Emoli, Sagala, Mbegu & Ngilai browsing

Aruba Mbegu and Ngilai

Mbegu and Murit greeting Mwitu and Eco

Mbegu on Msing Hill

Mbegu followed by Rorogoi

Mbegu pushing a tree

Emoli and Mbegu

Mbegu and Godoma being affectionate

Sagala, Pika Pika, Tahri & Murit under Mbegu

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