Mbegu's latest photos

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Mbegu reaching higher branches

Mbegu and Ngilai

Godoma and Mbegu

Mbegu and Ndotto fighting for shade under a tree

Mbegu enjoying her milk

Mbegu and Ndotto closer to the wild bull

Mbegu scratching on a tree

Murit playing with Mbegu

Mbegu and Panda with wild calf

Ndotto, Ngilai and Mbegu

Ndoria playing as Mbegu watches

Mbegu and Mbirikani

Rorogoi, Mbegu & Ngilai browsing together

Mbegu playing

Ngilia, Mbegu & Godoma browsing together

Mbegu playing with Ngilai

Lasayen, Godoma and Mbegu

Kihari and Mbegu playing in a trench

Ndotto playing in the soil whilst Mbegu scratches

Ndara greeting Mbegu

Mbegu scratching bottom

Mbegu with a friend

Mbegu scratching against the baobab

Mbegu browsing

Tahri playing with Mbegu

Godoma playing with Mbegu

Mbegu and Taveta socialising

Mbegu pretending to be asleep

Thor Emma Sinya and Mbegu

Mbegu climbing out of the water

Ngilai and Godoma checking on Mbegu

Mbegu Godoma and Ngilai playing

Mbegu reaching for browse

Mbegu scratching her head

Mbegu busy browsing

Mbegu browsing

Ndoria grabbing leaves from Mbegu's mouth

Mbegu after a mudbath

Mbegu left and Godoma

Mbegu dustbathing

Mbegu playing

Mbegu scratching her neck

Mbegu heading uphill

Ndotto,k Mbegu and Ngilai enjoying a mudbath


Ngilai left and Mbegu dustbathing

Mbegu dustbathing

Mbegu left with Layoni

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